Saturday, February 7

Making a dress with mom

Today was a very special day, my mom learned me how to make a dress. I bought the Burda pattern (8308) for making dolls dresses and pants. But on my own it was a little to hard, I've never made a dress before. And my mom is the best teacher.. she can draw her own patterns, she has experience with sewing for more than 50 years. So.. the best!

My mom showing me how to precisely cut a pattern.

With good scissors and precise measuring, half the work is allready done.

The difficult parts of the pattern.

The pieces of the upper part of the dress.

After the upper part of the dress, the skirt.

Sewing with the Husqvarna, my mom showing me how to do curved lines.

My mom loves UFO's candy.. Me too! I brought a whole bag for her (and me).

The fringing of the dress, how it should look inside.

And a pincushion I brought her, Chinese style.

Bye now, I'm making my famous Sauce Bologna tonight.. with lots of red wine and fresh veggies.. delicious!

And remember: 'Make your mother happy!'


  1. That's awesome. I love crafty moms! That fabric that you used is super cute too!

  2. How fun! I like your mom, she looks like she would be a nice person.