Wednesday, February 25

Barbie's over for Martini's

Barbie's at the party, heels falling in Dirty Martini's

I've been having such a great time at work, in the shop, my day time job.
I've been reading.. ,

..Cathy Reed Weber's story about "The Golden Ball", which is fantastic! (Cathy, I'll mail you!)
Some of my best friends are gone skiing in Schladming, Austria.

And my ginger haired Barbie doll is hilarious.. (her name is Gingy by the way)

Gingy's hair, ( just used a little of the 'Unsharp Mask' filter in PhotoShop, 0.7% level/88 exposure)

I'm dancing.. so, catch you later!

And remember: "Be proud"


  1. Judging by the first photo, I'd say Gingy's had enough to drink!

    I like the dress though! Did you make that? I need to get skinny so you can make me a dress like that! LOL

  2. You are 100% amazing! And Gingy smiles with her eyes. A top model for sure. And by the way now I am listening to Bran Van 3000 thanks to you! <3


  3. She looks good for 50. Clearly she's had work done.

  4. Love the first picture. Where can I find a martini glass that is that big in my size? Hahaha.

  5. just discovered your blog! wonderful stuff!