Monday, July 26

I'm Back!

After some months of working as a Sous-Chef in a great fancy restaurant called Villa Maritza, Ostend. I finally find some time to blog again.
Working at a first class restaurant deserves a blog on it's own, but I will now and then tell you some of my experiences inside the kitchen and behind that 'oh so crazy hot stove! But not for now. I promise I will post some interesting stuff about working as a sous-chef.. :) 
Had some serious issues with spam comments here on 'digibudi's digital garden' that I really was in doubt if I should or shouldn't delete this whole blog.

But after some thinking; I do not want to be scared of by some twisted and pathetic individuals, and my blog will stay, so will the comments, which will be moderated and carefully watched upon, mind you!
So, the digital garden ain't gonna be deleted! If only this is my soul, and one can not delete his soul due to some anti-productive interferences.

So many things happened in the meantime, but first things first, here are some pictures of my new atelier, it's in the attic of our home in the middle of the city.. it's quite spacey in size but still much interior decorating touches must be fulfilled before I can truly say :
THIS is my atelier! :)

I'm working on
1. a new quilted pillow and
2. some quilts to hang on my atelier's walls
3. a shirt with short sleeves, which I won't show yet because I put in the one sleeve upside down, and it's looking rather hilarious.. well, I'm learning.
4. some new digibudi's dolls
5. a banner for my soon to open shop on Etsy's.

So, hello again, and for today I'm greeting you all (if any of you are still reading my blog, after such a long time of non-active blogging from my part) and I'm happy to be back!

Oh, for the record, I bought two new illustrated books from the beloved Miroslav Sasek. I cherish these illustrations, they take me back and forth into childhood, style and elegance, so much appreciated.

And remember : Out of sight doesn't mean out of the heart. :)

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