Sunday, April 12

lounge trousers and some patches

snail cross stich patch

I'm making my second lounge trousers, in a cool blue jeans light cotton.
And I've been making two new cross stitch patches, one to use for the lounge trousers and one for a new digibudi doll.

rabbit cross stitch patch

Busy, busy..

Saturday, April 11

I simply will build my own

I've bought a new moleskine sketchbook, and a new yellow parker! I'm in love with both of them..

'I build my own' by digibudi

Due to some lack of other 'fine' artists, this is my new lover.. A yellow Parker pen with black ink (broad sized, I didn't even know they came in three different sizes, small, medium and broad, if that lovely and ├╝ber kind saleperson didn't tell me). thnx!

bye now, and remember: 'there's always more than 1 size that fits the body'

cross stitch town

I've made this cute patch with left overs of DMC thread. I'm gonna use this to make a quilted pillow.