Saturday, April 28

Dorothy Parker

My friend Eva reminded me today of the great Dorothy Parker.
So here's a little poem of hers, by Jennifer Jason Leigh.

I'm making a doll at the moment, with legs and arms and buttons for eyes. And a little quilted tote bag of which I'm very proud. Oh I wish I had my camera allready..

Today there was a woman in the shop, who I know because she is a painter here in Ostend. And quite a good one. She paints only ships in stormy seas. And her name is Yasmina. I was making a needle felted bird when I heard a woman's voice ask me something. When I looked up, there she was. One of the most beautiful older women I've seen. She used to be a model, and although she must be like 70 years old, she still got those exquisite looks, way of talking and charisma. We talked about wool and needle felting, and then about painting and drawing. I told her I liked her work - and I do, I even tried to contact her some years ago, but I was too shy then to talk to her.
She opened her bag, and she took out a small poster of her next exhibition. She told me that I could have it, and then she took out that same bag a very stylish pen, and with that pen she signed the small poster with her name. Especially for me! I was so proud. Then, when she left I thanked her for that sweet gesture of hers. She turned around and said : 'Everything for artists, we're one family.'
My God, she is amazing!

And it's true again, that no matter what age, or gender.. friends DO recognize eachother..


Here's a drawing I made before,

And here's a little song for Eva, and all the other girlfriends in my life who live on starfish and coffee..

Thursday, April 26

My man, and some cool stuff!

It's a sunny morning here at the beach in Ostend, and I'm preparing myself for a day full of making new things. Yesterday at work I made about 8 necklaces and 2 keychains, which were made with big wooden pearls. I hope to make some pictures of them as soon as I've bought a digital camera. Than I can show all the cool stuff we make at the shop.

I found this interesting and rather bizar looking picture of Rosie Grier and his needlepoint whereabouts:

And he even sings too!
I think he's my man. He looks like a real man to me, anyway. Especially with 'that' collection of handmade needlepointed pointless but rather adorable cushions. Doesn't he look superfly? I would love a bodyguard like this, who can also be a good crafty-companion when the coast is clear from danger! We would make lot's of cool things together, sitting on the cozy carpet and listening to some Barry White or something.. Check out his shoes in the first picture! Are does dancing shoes I spot? You can find some articles about Rosie Grier the footballplayer/needlepointer here. And also his book. (Ooh, he writes too!) Who ever said that real man don't needlepoint? I'll take up a fight anytime, with anyone!

I fell in love with this beautiful shop/blog called the Purl Bee, they have amazing simple but so beautiful fabrics, and suplies..

And this funny website about a matching the book you read by what you are wearing..
Noone belongs here more than you, it's like a little online story. Love it!

This wonderful cup made by Greenwhich House Pottery, New York, NY is just to die for..

And great blog after great blog, here's the cherry on the pie, Bloesem.
Great collection of wonderful design and ideas.

Like this lamp:

Or these ceramics.. how I would love those in my home! They look so dreamy and full of secret poetry, like something that's hidden underneeth the snow..

Pure literature, and poetry, and all things alike..

And here are some cool fabrics I'd like to buy to make some with it:

(don't they look perfect?)

I'm listening to Little Wizard Stories by Frank L. Baum, from LibriVox, great audiobooks in many many titles! The funny thing is that every book, and sometimes each different chapter is read by someone else. So you've got this amazing and bizar list of people who read out loud. Some voices are hilarious, others are so nice to listen to. There is one woman who talks just like a foreign french tourist, who just learned to speak English. It's so funny an accent she has.

Ok, I'm off to have a nice meal with my mother at the swimming pool in Ostend. During lunchtime you can eat there for a very reasonable price, and you've got this great mix of sitting by a pool and looking at the beach and the North Sea. And it's such a sunny day after all. Than it's back to the SewCute! studio for me, to finish my presents for my sister Eva. Yes, Sir!


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Saturday, April 21

Beales of Grey Garden

"...But ever since then, I've had this desire, you know, to find someone that I like. I mean, not just one, but two. Now, I'm not talking about the group travel they do nowadays in the space age. You know, my aunt, she's a widow, and she went with seven other widows. Now, I don't mean that kind of stuff. I mean really to have fun! You know. Not with one, but with two! And I don't mean women either! "

Considered "among the first and best" human-interest documentaries, Grey Gardens is a gentle, sensitive portrait of Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edie. Related to one of the most famous women in American history, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the reclusive women lived together for over twenty years in a crumbling mansion by the sea, and created controversy over their eccentric lifestyle. Soon to be remade as a Hollywood feature film starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

I'm having a Beales of Grey Garden's Saturday night all by myself..
I'm so in love with this movie.. I saw it only ones before, some years ago.. But now we've got YouTube and everything is near by a single click of the mouse.
I love Little Edie and her dancing, her costumes, her charisma.. Her mother with her singing..
I totally understand this movie..

Big Edie sings in the classic documentary Grey Gardens.
Grey Gardens is a 1975 documentary by Albert and David Maysles. The film depicts the everyday lives of two women who lived at Grey Gardens, a decrepit 28-room mansion in the Georgica Pond neighborhood of East Hampton, New York.
The subjects of the film are Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter (also named Edith-"Little Edie"), who are the aunt and the first cousin of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. The two women lived together at Grey Gardens for over twenty years in squalor and almost total isolation. In 1972, their living conditions were exposed due to an article in the National Enquirer and a series of raids by the Suffolk County Health Department. Jackie Onassis convinced her husband Aristotle to pay for a cleaning and partial repair job on the house. It was during the restoration that Grey Gardens was made.

what happens if you mix madonna and edie?

"Grey Gardens is one of the best and most influential documentaries of all time and Madonna is THE most original and pioneering woman (or man) to ever have worked in music. Put them together and you have this sublime, insane and utterly brilliant mashup."

Do you know Beales of Grey Garden? If you don't, please.. I beg you.. please watch this..

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Thursday, April 19

Let's make some!

Today I'm gonna let you in into some secret crafty places I know of. They're places I visit almost everyday in search for inspiration, and crafting ideas of all kinds. The place I visit the most is called CraftyPod, with Sister Diane. Sister Diane makes wonderful podcasts about all things crafty. Her podcasts are an inspiration and resource that has allready over 45 different podcasts. She interviews people who make arts & crafts in a very relaxed and great way. So, if ever in need for that extra stimulation or inspiration, do check out her website, her blog and of course her podcasts.
Here are the links to the world of Sister Diane:
Another great source on crafting, especially 60's and 70's crafts (hilarious and wonderful at the same time) is called Cathy of California. She has the biggest collection of those vintage crafting books and magazines. The pictures she uses are simply amazing! Here are some crazy examples (warning! Not for the sensitive eyes) :

(pictures from Cathy of California)

Freaking Gorgeous! (picture from Cathy of California)

It's quite shocking isn't it? But so much fun!
dum da dum..

I would love to have:
  • Cartier 'Must' perfume
  • A print Gocco
  • Sculpey
  • special print paper with that extra shine
  • the DVD of Grey Gardens (I love Edie)
  • A button-machine (for making large buttons coated in plastic)
  • white/red striped fabric (cotton will be perfect)
  • Grey paint for my living room (Christian Dior grey, like powdery and soft like pastel, brings out the other brighter colors)
  • A kitten
Then there is another great site called Church of Craft, It's better to use their own words to describe what their all about:

"The Church of Craft aims to create an environment where any and all acts of making have value to our humanness. When we find moments of creation in our everyday activities, we also find simple satisfaction."

Take a look it's a wonderful website..

And of course the great which is amazing for research and for putting your own crafty things online so other people can leave comments.. and believe me, they do leave lots of comments and feedback. It's a community where you can spend hours and hours surfing and scrolling for cool crafty ideas.. The only limit is your own imagination.

And now for my personal goodies!
I've bought these great new profesional scissors, they cut like a knife thru a banana:

I love working with good material, like those scissors, ok, they cost a lot of money but ones you've good scissors you will never curse while you're cutting, ever again!

I've made a scan of all my favorite buttons I've collected so far.. I've only started to collect them since last years November, so it isn't quite a large collection, but steadily it's growing! And with my new fantastic job at Veritas, a crafting shop, I'll have lots of great advantages and first choice on the new collections.. Oh my!

And I also made two tiny little drawings with my red marker :

The first one is called 'Happy Accidents, dancing mishabs' and the second one is called 'Doctor Hedge to the rescue'. I hope you like 'em, cause I'm gonna make some cute felted applications with them. To use as key-hangers.

Ok cupcakes, I'm off to see the Wizard again.. I need some brains and some fantastic adventures..

dum da dum..