Tuesday, June 24

Add some sugar and stir it up!

This shake is super duper, I could have danced all night!
Add a little more sugar, stir it up, put a wild cherry on top .. .. enjoy!

Strike Me Down, Peter Gelderblom

And remember; "You better get to livin' "

Sunday, June 22

For Martin

I've just received the saddest news. Martin's mother has passed away and is now a new star in the firmament above us. She's watching over you Martin, I'm sure...
This is a moment of peace and inner solitude. Death is the only thing that can give us that. We must be respectful in times like these. But I so believe in rebirth, afterlife, maybe not in our current human form, but in a new way, a way we can't even imagine now. Because we know only a small part of the marvelous and exciting scary experience we call living..
Even at the center of fire, there is cold, and the coldest ice can burn you. Now, that's my theory and if you don't want to know, kindly step aside and make a way for those who want to go.

So Martin, this is for you..

Please do remember, Be grateful, and proud.

Friday, June 20

New Doll - Miss Scissor Sis

I've finished a new doll, but there's more to come.. The rest of them are away to get cotton filled. This one is called Scissor Sis. She likes to hang around, eat vanilla glazed cupcakes and watch the new fashion shows on Fashion TV. She's a real hedonist bohemian.

Scissor Sis relaxing on a field of flowers..

I also just registered at the cool-creative site CraftStylish featuring a wonderful new tutorial from Diane Gilleland on embroidered cards.. Simply be-you-tea-full!

The necklace for Martin VanMassenhove is almost finished, the pearls are fantastic! But I'll introduce you to them next time..

Bye Franchipanes and remember; "There's no place like home"

Wednesday, June 18

How do you say...? Deee digibudi

I just have one thing to say, and that's this:

Bye vanilla glazed cupcakes! And remember; "What are you waiting for?"

Monday, June 16

Retro Techno 2 - Give it to me

Very busy these days.. short post! Big kiss to Diane! (hope you got the package all ready?) ***I just received the loveliest email she did!***

I've just sent the new Retro Techno part 2 to the printer.. Here's how they will look:



Bye, and remember; It's not that serious, after all.

Wednesday, June 11

The Real Thing

Just had the loveliest Whiskey Extravaganza Singles Night, with Maxine, Jonna, Bere, Gaetan, Marcsje and Martin. There was only one cocktail, a Manhattan, but without the dry Vermouth, instead I used Martini and a zest of lemon, and ice.
Very strong indeedy! But so much fun.
Talkie-talkie until the morning.
And now of to bed, but not without my favorite song of today!

And remember; In order to see the rainbow, you'll have to deal with the clouds.

Monday, June 9

... Like so, ...

I was rediscovering my Memory Lane this evening and I bumped on this video I made some time ago. The lovely thing about it is that the music from Polly Paulusma I used in this little video is simply wonderful. And it so happens, by my utterly honest surprise, that Polly herself put this video on her favorite list on YouTube.
Well, that makes me smile!
I hope you enjoy this little tutorial 'The Seasons of a Tree' - a felt application.


"Just look at all the happy things that happen by accident."
Polly Paulusma - Over the Hill

And remember; It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it.

Friday, June 6

So Cheap and Juicy!

Hey, remember that time?

Thursday, June 5

Get off that cross, I need the wood

I loved Bette Davis in Dark Victory, it's one of my all time favorite movies. I still cry at the last scene where she slowly looses her eyesight and prepares her death with so much grace and truth. Sometimes the truth is hidden in between the lies people imagine, create and live by. There's always a secret blessing blossoming from each situation.

And here she is playing Margret in The Star, I guess rumors are of all time.. and are in way a compliment to the one it is projected to. Some will always stay in the shadow of another, and some will be the shadow of the other. All is fair, just as long as they don't stand in the light that casts the shadow. I can imagine such would be quite irritating.

Berry Linda - digibudi

And remember, There are hidden blessings in each situation.

Monday, June 2

Clouds in my Coffee

Tonight when I got home from work I've found this strange little email in my inbox;

Digibudi, digibudi, on the prawl
did you really fuck them all?
if i steal your daddy soft
do i get a greater loft?

It's from a person who calls him or herself 'digilover'.
Is that freaky or what?! Do I have not only a secret admirer, but also an obsessed stalker? Am I thus finally acknowledged as a blogger? Is there indeed such a thing as blogger stalkers, and if so do I have to report it to the police, like in real life stalking situations. I don't know, all I have to say to that person is;