Monday, February 25

A Funny Thing happened

My favorite song of the week!

Today a funny thing happened when I opened my mailbox this afternoon during my lunch break. I got the sweetest email from Diane Gilleland from, my favorite podcast on arts & crafts. I've listened to Sister Diane for over a year now and it's always a treat to download the latest issue and get all comfy behind my desk listening to her interesting and often very funny interviews. I also like listening to Craftypod while I'm in my baththub, something happens when I shampoo my hair whilst listening to conversations on crafting, creativity, ideas, and sometimes weird science-like projects.. but always entertaining!
Now, to make a short story a bit shorter, Diane asked me for a short interview on ''Men Who Craft''. I'm very excited about this, especially because it's a recorded interview, by phone. I can express myself quite satisfactory in writing, in English, but talking, on the phone while recording... that could be a bit scary. But I think I'm gonna just jump and do it the best I can.
A big thank you in advance to Sister Diane for this oportunity!

Tomorrow is my day off, so I'm gonna spend all day long in my studio for making dolls. I've got six orders to make..
I've just bought some goodies at which I just couldn't resist, take a look:

This is super duper! Wicked witch of Oz fabric, 100% cotton.

This fabric I'm gonna use for some sweeeeet kitchen curtains.. or maybe an appron to give as a present for someone who likes to cook (and wear approns whilst cooking). Summery and Springtimy!

A button, the saddest button of buttons.. I'm gonna wear this at work when customers are cruel or unpolite. Maybe I'll give one to my ex boyfriend. So he can feel guilty.

Cake ribbons! no comments..

I wanted this ribbon a long time ago.. ever since I first saw it. A ruler ribbon. (I like the sound of that 'ruler ribbon') It rules!

I'm so crazy about three song at this moment (all from iTunes):
1. Hotel Song by Regina Spektor
Dance Tonight by Paul McCartney
here's the video!

Sweetest Thing by U2 click here for the wonderful 1998 video

And oh yeah, I watched Strangers with Candy, and I must say it's a must see!
Finished the book I like You by Amy Sedaris, my favorite book on entertaining under the influence!

Strangers with Candy, I'm a user, boozer and a loser!

I like you Amy Sedaris! She's my new guru, holding hands with Anaïs Nin and Edie Beales (little Edie)

Now I'm hunting for Abigails Party, the BBC series, on DVD. I found this on YouTube:

Isn't it hilarious! I love it..

Bye for now! Catch you later, hopefully tomorrow..

*note to myself: check Eva Deadbeat's blog, Junkthief's.. I've been neglecting my blogfriends way too long..

Sunday, February 24

I took the handmade pledge

To learn more or to make the pledge yourself, take a look at this.

And of course this.

I'm so happy, my book and dvd (I like you by Amy Sedaris, Strangers with Candy) I ordered from Amazon just came with the mail! I love my USP man! I'll make some scans maybe this evening..

Wednesday, February 13

Fiesta Mexicana, with moustache

So here are my new freshly made pins and buttons, to wear on your sweater, to pin on your bag, to give as a present to a very special friend (or loverrrr)..

And the pinch-crew, used for decorating your electronic wires or anything else..

The pins and buttons

Buttonbear, with one all seeing eye!

flower with googly eyes

Two flowers, loving to be on the button!

Fiesta Mexicano! with moustache!

Another Buttonbear -button!

They come with a pin.. they're pinups!

And here are the Pinchers!

The Pinchbrothers, they like eachother very much

A girl Pinchbrother, isn't she the cutest?

The Pinchbrothers in action on my webcam wire..

Soon available at


Friday I'm visiting Amalia for the video photo and movie shoot! I want footage of her on her swing in her attic/lounge room.. so that will be funny! She's also making some dinner, so it's kind of a work/party get to together..

Here is are the lyrics of the Bonus Track song:


Bonus Track

This is just me
Just let me be
I have nothing to offer
But starlight sometimes

Weak and distant
But honest
One galaxy too far
Threw down a gauntlet

Show me your cigarette
I look just like it

You know nothing of me
But what I look like to thee
You know nothing of how
It is where I am

I may have gone
But my light shines on
You won't really know
You can't really tell

Grant me you wisdom
Save me your judgement
There's nothing you know
That really matters
Where I am

Grant me your wisdom
Save me your judgement

Amalia Vermandere - Wild Mild


That's just a great lyric in my point of view!

Tomorrow it's Doll Time!

Tuesday, February 12

Very busy days! But happy ones!

Don't have much time to blog (again)..
But this one I had to show:

I'm writing this imaginary diary for Mr. Wittitterly Peleena Cruickshank, my alter ego. It's something that I like to do, because I learn alot from writing from a imaginary character. Here's a little extract:

Mr. Wittitterly Peleena Cruickshank’s PLAN

The total meaning of my plan is to become and to finally be, a better person. Both in my profesional life, as in my personal and romantic life.
The first question that comes to my mind is; do I really need to be a better person?
And; Am I then not happy with my current self?
Questions, questions… so many of them. But answers? Yes there are!

I’m a person who believes in what’s good for me. What makes me the most happy, what makes me feel good inside. What will it take to make me feel all comfy when I’m underneeth my sheets in my own bed at night. And those are the questions that are important, to me. What the other person thinks, or anybody else, dœsn’t matter. It’s what I think, myself, as a human being, trying to be happy. Like I said. That’s what matters the most.

So, clearing the way to be true and honest in my writing, I have to deal with the negative first.
In order to get rid of it, and to focus on what’s important, the positive.
How dœs one clear the surface from all the junk and stuff that piles up? Simple, look at them one by one, take one negative thing or thought, and try to understand it. Look at it! Closer!
And try to understand the meaning of it. What dœs this thing have to do with me? With my life, at this very moment? Do I feel related to it? Dœs it feel related to me?
Look at it like you’re looking at a mysterious object that you try to understand. Like a scientist trying to break the code, trying to dissect the different little parts of it. Make notes, write them into a notebook, make sketches of it, devide and unpuzzle the mysterie. And when you do that, with much concentration, you’ll unveil the secret. And the object of your worry will become the object of knowledge. And on you go, to the next obstacle. You’re ready for it now!

And this one of course, from the lovely Amy!

bye!! I'll show my new doll the next time.. oh yeah, and some pins, and some fake moustaches with googly eyes! And mexican music!

Wednesday, February 6

Better get to livin'

You know I love Amy Sedaris, and you know I adore Dolly Parton.

So this one is like, freakin' me out here!
My new favorite song for february:

Monday, February 4

I like you! Something has stirred..

First of all, something has stirred! Everything looks different now..

The flyers are super duper! I'm so glad of that.. So the next thing to do is making a website for Mr. Pinhead. Which will take a bit longer than making the flyers.

I'm sooooooo in love with Amy Sedaris.. I think she's one of the cleverest people around.
I will order her book ''I like you, hospitality under the influence" on Amazon.

And of course "Strangers with Candy" the hilarious movie for ugly people.

Here are some clips of Amy:

I heart Amy Sedaris! Here's a promotion clip on "I like you, hospitality under the influence" :

'Strangers With Candy' Clip: "I'm Afraid"
'Strangers With Candy' Clip: "I'm Afraid"

Bye cupcakes! I'm gonna do the boring task of doing my dishes, so it's red wine (otherwise it's soo boring doing them) and lots of soap bubbles for me..

Friday, February 1

The Miracle of surprise

Today was a special day.
(..but this one was VERY special)

Yasmine came to the shop, and she showed me pictures of her extreme glam party she gave for her husband - the captain of the Mercator, which is the biggest and most beautiful ship here in Belgium - to me. She gave me a signed picture, which read: "With Love, from Yasmine, xxx"

She's 70.. (I don't know here exact age, and I don't care, but she's been there) and has the looks like a Sophia Loren. Amazing. And she paints the most interesting paintings of ships and boats in a scenery of wild waters and wavy seas..

I simply adore her.

There is a connection between us. A connection not limited to time nor age, but linked with the secret society of poetic sensitivity.

It's very hard to describe the energy between us. There is a bit of distance, caused by my respect for her. But at the same time there is a power that connects us. It's magic.

And I do believe in magic.

Look around you!

And be sweet to the squirrel;

And everything is allright