Wednesday, April 30

Candy Galore and some sad news..

First the sad news.. I've lost my camera! I took it with me when I was having a drink in The Crayon, my favorite pub here in Ostend. And when I got home, woke up the next morning, I just couldn't find my camera. I do hope some kind soul will return it to me. There are loads of pictures on the memory card inside, and I'm realy sad that I can't upload them to the Digital Garden..

Oh well, I'm not a materialist, and maybe it's a blessing in disguise.. (just keep saying that digibudi, just keep saying that..)

So, no pictures of my goodies on this post.. But what we do have, is some Hard Candy!

And on another note; I've bought the new album from Madonna, Hard Candy.. It's soooo good to hear some new lyrics, and I love this album! Always made with several hidden layers, peel it off, and discover the juicy inside of this forbidden fruit..

I love the cheap and tacky style of these photographs.. And I adore the strappy thingy she's got on her fantastic body..

The good news is that Mai, one of my best friends is going to live with me untill September! I love Mai, she's so creative and very sensitive. The best combination for an everlasting friendship..

I've also got my mini cards from and they are lovely! But I can't show them, because of my lost camera..

What's lost is in a way a gain. I just have to figure out how to accept it. :)

bye cupcakes, and stay super sweet! Sweet as Candy!

Sunday, April 27

What to do with all those flowers?

I'm in this Domestic-Victory-Stage at this moment, and I love it!

I've just organised one of the last boxes with fabrics I've got from a friend.
It's much work to iron, to devide and to pile the fabric swatches into my craft studio.
But it's a job I love to do, even if it's after hours of my day job. I just can't let those beautiful fabrics lay in danger of oblivion inside those cardboard boxes.. They have to be used, and they have to be cared for.

This fabric is so amazing in real life, this picture doesn't make justice of the beautiful threads and colors used in this design. It's all woven fabric and one of a kind. They're my favorite things I'd like to take care of.

I've ironed these little fruit applications onto my pillows. I love the simplicity of them. And the happy feeling I get when looking at them.

I also did some detailed embroidery applications onto this Tshirt, there's a little rabbit, a yellow shiny sun and a blue fish. This is my favorite Tshirt for sleeping.

I took this picture of my favorite artist of all time, Anaïs Nin. It's like having photographs of your grandparents on your cabinet or desk.. But I get to choose my family, I want some more photographs of other heroes and poets inside my home.

I glued googly eyes on my dinos last time, and they are hilarious! Thanks to Amy Sedaris on how to use those googly eyes to the maximum!

I got a new cap, it's a green army-like one, and it reminds me of John Lennon and Yoko.
I think they were one of those lovers who were to big and to ahead for there time..

And just to remind myself, domestic pleasures do happen.. I don't mind the ironing, the cleaning, the dusting.. as long as it brings some constructivity in my life, be it inside the world or even inside my dream.

Friday, April 25

Miss Naturel Gazeuse and her Story of Saint-Katinka

There is a strange ladyfriend who's been to my imaginary teaparties for over a while now. Her name is Miss Naturelle Gazeuse and she has the most adventurous life one can imagine. She lived all over the world, but as she told me herself , 'I wouldn't mind living here by the sea for a while.'
So now I often enjoy her company and stories she knows so many of, over a cup of Golden Ceylon from the Himalaya's. Because Miss Gazeuse told me very clearly that the tea leaves were handpicked by Budhists and that it was one of the most respected blends one could wish for.
You can't denie that, can you? She also told me the strange and sad story of Saint-Katinka, an unknown Saint that once saved all the books and art from destruction of evil! I've made a collage of that story...

Katinka's Story and How she Saved the Books from Destruction
a short collage extravaganza from digibudi

Katinka goes to the Big City, there is trouble over there. Her mission is to save the books and art from the museums and libraries. It's a Queste perfectly matched for Katinka! But it's also a dangerous Queste so she must be brave and smart. Then it will become a Queste of Courage...

Katinka got hold of a tank, she isn't proud of the way it all went, and she actually doesn't want to talk about it anymore. We must respect Katinka's feelings.. Anyway, she does have the tank now! It's straight to the library.. or maybe some tea first?

Always prepare yourself for any task involving books and art, refuel yourself with some Golden Ceylon Tea or for the alcoholic-kinda-mood guys, a vodka martini will do the trick too..

Katinka saves the books from the library, and funny enough the first book she took in her hand was called 'Katinka's Queste of Courage'. She then knew her Queste was over, and she understood the true meaning of sacrifice. The rest of the story is a little sad.

They burned Katinka the next day in the middle of the marketplace. The last thing that went thru her head whilst the flames where burning her beautiful hand-beaded dress was ;
At least it's me that's burning and not the books and art, they are save now.

And now Katinka is a Saint. Saint-Katinka, the saint of The Queste of Courage.
It's a sad story I know, but I had to tell it... you know how it is.

And now I'm off to my little world of creative chaos and colorfull buttons and ribbons..

Thursday, April 24

Etsy Shop-A-Rama

Hey Shithead Fuck You! by digibudi

Fransien helps setting the table, by digibudi

The Family Casoulet sitting at the dinner table, by digibudi

The Curly Star Wizz, by digibudi

I've been shopping on Etsy, and had so much fun opening my mail the last two weeks! So much nicer than the boring uninspiring bills and taxes. .


My favorite buy on Etsy this month, Emily Martin's Pin Set with miniature prints of her lovely paintings. I wear them every day. They came inside a blue velvet little purse/bag.


Also from Emily, Postcard set from Inside a Black Apple on Etsy, here.


I've loved the tutorial for a small needle wallet in felt, so I've been making my own. What a great idea that was, and ever so usefull, simple yet practical and a must have goodie for everyone who's into crafts.

inside-craft-magazine-needl label-inside-craft-magazine

The last page of the needle wallet from Craft: magazine, a label I ordered from Reprodepot (my addiction, but let's not talk about that, or I'll relapse and order way too much fabric)


One of my next series of dolls, ready to be fiber filled chez Martine, my little elf in helping me with the stuffing of the dolls.


I totally love my Toyota sewing machine, which was the cheapest I could get, only 150€ , but I've been making all my dolls with this machine, and other things.. So I'm happy with it.


My new tapistry/fabric with robots on, it hangs in my bedroom next to my window. It fits almost perfectly with the chocolate brown painted walls.


Stickers! From Etsy shop Little Apple, they have the coolest japanese sticker collection I've ever seen on the web.. and I tell you, I've been looking and searching for those a long time now..

stickers-fairytales close-up-stickers-russian stickers-russian japanese-cushion-stickers-c japanese-cushion-stickers

Nice hey? I love stickers, they are like little reminders that tell us that we musn't take it all so seriously..

bye lemon pies! I'm gonna listen to chapter 9 of The Enchanted Castle from Librivox audiobooks on my psp, in bed.. with some milk and honey and a box of Scottish Ginger Shortbread Cookies . . d^-^b digibudi

Monday, April 21

Interview for Craftypod is uploaded! listen to it here..

Hi there,

It's been a while, again.. , due to a little flu, and some overtime working on the new Flyer for the Retro Techno parties here in Ostend.

First of all, the podcast on Men Who Craft from Craftypod Diane Gilleland podcast #73.

You can listen, download or upload it to you iTunes library very easy by clicking the next link:

Or, you can subscribe to all the other wonderful and very interesting shows via iTunes.

I'm very thrilled with the resulst, and I'm hoping to be a part in the future with all of these wonderful people.. so, again, thank you Sis D.! You've made my week!

I've got a bunch of sweet and uplifiting comments so far about the show, here's one that made me feel very shy, but in a way also very proud.. I think being proud, within something that's much more imporant to me then money, time-killing .. etc. is a right for a crafter in order to be motivated and keep the flow , well.. flowing.. It's all about the celebration of being abble to express ourselves with pure and honest work.

here's the link to Geek+Nerd , check there blog, it's mostly ever so inpsiring and original! Bless or Bliss, those to collide.

On another note, the Flyers are returned from the printer, again it was a deadline of 5 hours before it had to go to the printer at the same night.. stress.. a little bit.. but all is worth it because I also quite like the result:

The colors aren't quite realstic in this picture, due to the fact that I had to convert the RGB into CMYK colors before sending it to the printer

The back of the flyer with the How to Get there information

Also very exciting news, two dolls are ready for stuffing chez Martine a collegue of mine at the shop I'm working.. So withing a few days they will be ready for their debut here on the Digital Garden.

Withing the next two weeks I'm opening my Etsy Store! I'm excited about that too..
The name of my shop will be called "A Spoon Full of Buttons" but will be found entering into the search by typing digibudi..

I'm cooking again - it's been an estaunding two years since I've extualy stood in front of my cooking pans, inside the kitchen making fresh and healthy food. I just couldn't believe that it was soooo long ago.. It shocked me at first, but now I've got the hang of it and I'm simply adoring it more than ever. And eating in restaurants, or bying the single-dinner-microwave dinners, I can proudly say that I've been back into my roots, be it even a carrot root. :)

Budhina the romantic dream muze

Here are some other illustrations I've made:

lu and Benkrisch finding the secret garden

digibudi's cartoonversion of mr. wittitterly cruickshank

The happy sewcute family

I'm leaving you now with some amazing video, which I adore since I first heard it:

bye cupcakes, and remember to stay Super Sweet!

Saturday, April 12

Rasberry blush, 4 min

She did it again, and I'm ever so enjoying her energy..
"The road to heaven is paved with good intentions

My friends are my Family, digibudi

I just got back from the 'Hot Stew for the Hot Few' concert/gathering where a lot of my friends did something amazing..
First of all there was Romain with his new born group, their performance was so intimate and deep that I know they will be performing again pretty soon, I'm quite sure of that!

Than Johan made us all listen in quiet concentration with his spoken words, combined cohesily with the sounds and music from Hans.. I was pleasantly shocked by his mind, his humor and his courage.. A secret hidden treasure amongst the humble and beautiful people. Quality, no other word can describe the essence of those 30 minutes..

Nestle in nature, digibudi

There was much more music, much more talent tonight.. I'm very sad that I didn't bring my camera with me.

The point is, that wherever I seem to go, this creative source is always finding me. Where I before thought that it was me who was looking for that creative energy, I understand now that it seeks us. And I'm safely covered with that beautiful power, forever..

Again, I've got proof! My study is solid, and the facts are undiniable..

I know there is a Secret, digibudi

Bye Rasberry Muffins, I'm quite tired now and I'm treating myself to yet another wonderful dream..

**** It seems that there is some sick *$%@ uped person trying to infect my blog comments, please if you see a weird link in one of the comments on my blog, DON'T click it, it's a virus, or spam.. I'm gonna contact Blogger as soon as possible to correct this. *****
It's just so sad that even on my own little blog the destructive is trying to interfere with the constructive!?

Sunday, April 6

Craft on Everybody!

I finally talked to Diane Gilleland from Craftypod for the interview for an upcoming podcast on 'Men who Craft'. I was kinda nervous, because of the different languages, but Sister Diane assured me that I sounded fine. It's difficult to be limited with words, when I normally have no problems at all to express myself, in Dutch I mean. It feels like you're stupid or something, but in fact it's just not knowing words to describe something. I'm very excited to hear the finished interview..
So Diane, if you read this, thank you ever so much for this opportunity.

I'm in this very creative flow at the moment, at work too, I've made a new necklace, and I'm designing some new ways of embroidery and cross-stitch for little miniatures I want to make. It's a whole new way of using my cross-stitch and embroidery techniques, and I kinda like it..

Here's my first experiment (not finished yet) I've done from scratch, not using any drawing, but just going with what's inside my imagination:

I used a border in embroidery Aïda from DMC/14ct - ecru

A closer look at the butterfly which I cut from a trim and the roses are satin and can be bought ready made..

Here's the almost finished design, I'm gonna make a birthday card with it.

This is a flower in cotton fabric strips..

This is the necklace I've made, it's called 'Mercurius Rising'.. :) not to be taken seriously..

A big pearl in the centre with glass bead hearts pointing towards it.


I'm quite happy with the result. And I'm very fond of the mustardy and safran colorscheme with a pinch of olive green.


Jonna and Bere asked me to do the second flyer for the new Retro Party part 2. Which is great, cause this time I'm gonna be payed for it. That's the beauty in giving sometimes, it all comes back to you. And I've got proof of that! :)

I'm gonna work some more on my dolls this evening, I'm having a bit of a cold, so it's staying at home for me tonight.. I've got plenty exciting things happening her at my appartement, so no problem!

bye cupcakes, and remember, stay supersweet!