Monday, May 28

About sister

Such a buzzy day! I think I'm up one level, And I've got five lives left!
So, here's just one video I couldn't resist to post..

Friday, May 25

Perfume case, Ballerina and rainbow purse

I've made these as a gift for someone special, now it's almost ready to put in the box and to send it to the other side of the world!

This is a rainbow purse that's part knitted and part crochet.

very beautiful rainbow stitches..

This is a perfume holder case made in felt, all handstitched and finished with rocailles pearls..

Ideal for your perfume bottles or other suitable things..

the backside is also appliced with felt creatures that smile!

The ballerina from 'The Doll Song', very special first try out edition!

finished with a cute flower button!

Today was a marvelous day at work, my big boss was there, and she told me that I'm in for a promotion! Yeah!

Now I'm of to my movie-studio (currently in my hobby-room) for lots of work on "The Doll Song'' video for Amalia..

Catch you later cupcakes.. oh yeah, speaking of cupcakes, next week I'm gonna bake a whole lot of those delicious sexy cupcakes! With lemon and finished with confetti sparkles.. hmmm

Sunday, May 20

Electro Pastel by digibudi

I'm so proud to show you my new creation.. :)
It's a bracelet I've made totally by hand, and it's called 'Electro Pastel Secret Garden'.
It's the second one I've made this week, the first one was sold after a few hours. So, I'm quite happy about this one. It's not such a cheap bracelet, the price is €27.00, the iron roses and dragonflies and butterflies and other pearls I use to make this bracelet are around €0.50 up to €1.00 a piece. So that's the reason why it's quite expensive when you add everything up.
I've used Galliano's Spring collection as an inspiration.

Here are pictures of the Electro Pastel Secret Garden bracelet:

The picture doesn't colorscheme right, the real-life version is much brighter!
I especially love the glass leafs in soft purple and green.

It was a lovely day at work, and tomorrow I'm gonna make some matching earrings and a necklace to go with it..

Julz is coming over for a visit this evening. We're gonna craft untill bedtime..

Saturday, May 19

All about Mister Scrumpy

Today was such a funny day. I woke up this morning and got ready for work. Drank my cup of coffee and ate some breakfast. When I got to work, Annick opened the backdoor of our shop and said screaming : "But Nikolaas, you don't have to work today! You have a day off!"
What a great surprise that was.. Unexpected days off are the greatest! There was a little confusion about the work schedules, and we couldn't quite figure it out. But anyway, I've got my day off.

So I went to the library and picked up a book from Paul Doherty, Spy in Chancary. Which is quite boring actually, and I don't think I'm gonna finish it. It's all about names and places in history. Anyway, I took this little book to the park here in Ostend. And I was reading it on the grass which had the most wonderful daisies and buttercups growing. I took my shoes of, and let my bare feet touch the soft grass. Such a wonderful feeling.. It must have been over a year since I've experienced that feeling again!

Today I also finished Mister Scrumpy!
It's a birthday present for Martine from our shop. And he comes with a bag too!
So here are some pictures:

Mister Scrumpy comes with his own bag!

The bag of Mister Scrumpy has a beautiful orange lining..

Here you see Mister Scrumpy in full view

Mister Scrumpy even has his own Sewcute! tag

Scrumpy is taking a pose, he loves the camera..

... and the camera loves him!

Mister Scrumpy knows many great secrets and gossip!

I love you Mister Scrumpy! I'm glad you'll have a good home..
take care!

me and mister Scrumpy relaxing on the kitchen floor..

Thursday, May 17

By popular demand - for my lovesick friens

Two of my best friends are in this love-sickness universe at the moment, so here's the letter I wrote for Manuel from Germany about love and lost love.
(Jörg and Julz, when you read this, don't be shy to leave a comment.. the whole point of electronic circuits are to connect with eachother.. pass it on!)

So, here's the letter:

Dear Manuel,

I didn't quite wanted to react emediatly to your comment/post, because I had to think about it and had to find the right words to express my opinion. I think you have your heart at the right place and you deserve a respectful answer.
For matters of the heart, you've come to the right place, I am a spy in the house of love since many, many years now, that's why the Digital Garden was build for. It is also build on the foundations of love. Universal love and personal love, but I think those two colide.

Maybe we won't be able to know everything about this strange and peculiar emotion during our lifetime, but we can try. And that is an accomplishment in itself. We should be proud.
From reading your comment, I understand that you fell in love at first sight, which is a great and amazing feeling, but it's also a confusing one. I believe that when you love someone it takes courage to enjoy it, and it takes courage to not try to own that love.
Each love we find represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. These worlds are a process of becoming, combinations of feelings and emotions we have to go through. Rather then to maintain that feeling, we should try and let it go. This is in my opinion the greatest and most profound form of love. To let go of possesion, to let go of the 'wanting', we are closer, much closer with the object of our affection than ever.

The adventure you are in at this moment, dear Manuel, is showing you a way to proof your love this way. With each new person you'll meet, there will be a new world. Nothing is lost, but it's all building up to the next level. This is great, because it makes you stronger, more human, brighter and more sensitive and therefore more wiser. Frustration creates inspiration. And you should use this experience to your own benefit. Otherwise it would be a lost love, a real lost love. But if you treassure what you've been feeling, the good, the bad and the amazing, you're well on your way to love on a bigger scale. Personal love is a very egocentric emotion, spiritual love, or universal love is a much healthier emotion or feeling. This doesn't mean you can't fall in love with someone and be truly happy together, but this means that when you do find a person you can travel with during your lifetime, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and rules. Universal love is much more free, at least in my opinion.

Many people in a relationship aren't happy. They don't feel fullfilled, because a personal love can't be fullfilling for a very long time.. unless, unless you combine it with the universal love. I think it's much better to start with universal love and than add a personal love to your life, than the other way around. This helps building up the so needed foundation and strenght you'll need to care for eachother. It's a heavy task, and it doesn't come for free. You have to invest in it. Otherwise it dies. Like each feeling, it is born, it lives and it dies. That's nature. And we're part of that. Be thankfull for your lost love, and use it to build those foundations for the next one. And I'm pretty sure, somewhere outthere, when you least expect it, you'll meet that special someone. You're a very smart guy, Manuel, and by reading your post, I know you're on the right road. Just keep focused, and be happy! And, oh yeah, don't forget to dance those blues away. :)
Welcome to the Club of Universal Lovers!

Monday, May 14

Nominettes for Sewcute!

I'm quite excited about these! Today my order for the labels, or nametags arrived at the shop. They're supercute! They're SewCute! Here's a picture of them, but forgive me for the poor photoquality, because I don't know how to use my new camera yet.. But I'm finding out things about that little digital wonder every time I use it. Today I've learned that flash lights don't look very great.. well.. we'll see.. Here are my first, ever, personal labels for my crafting goodies..

But here's a more acurate picture of my new label:

and here:

And tonight I'm having a perfect night all by myself (I hope, but some friends visiting wouldn't be too bad)..
With a bottle of Merlot and some cheese & crackers, and French bread with seasalt.. hmmm..

Oh , I forgot, this is my spinning wheel.. It's a very friendly thing, it always looks happy to me..
don't you think?

Oh, I really must learn to make better pictures! They look so awful, and so not professional!
I'm watching/listening to my DVD of Grand Hotel, it's playing in the background, it's such a wonderful life when you take time to think about it..
Oh, I think I'm getting a bit tipsy from the Merlot.. oh oh!

*double sigh*

Sunday, May 13

Yes, Pictures please!

I'm totally into Deee-lite these days.. I wonder why? :)

So much is hapening these days.. I'm in love, since a very long, long time, so this is nice :)
I've got my camera! And I've got my new sewing machine.. So I'm stitching along my home made quilt. (and some goodies for someone special)

Oh, to spend my days with fabric, thread, buttons and applejuice kissin', what more would a boy want?

And now for some pictures I've taken with my new camera:

my lovely fabrics I've gathered during the last few weeks..

my pride and joy! A Toyota sewing machine, It's a present from my mom. (thank you mom)

my new sneakers, All Stars, One Star (limited edition!)

My first project on my new sewing machine, a quilt from a bag of free pieces of fabrics I've got from Stock Pierre.

my collection of buttons, pearls and pom-pom's.. just for fun!

a special project.. which takes much time! so much time..

a ragdoll for Martine from work.. wait untill you see the cute buttons I've got for his tummy!

Yörg was here yesterday and he got me the DVD of Beales of Grey Gardens!!!! This totally rocks, and if you've read my previous post on BOGG, you know what I'm talking about. (isn't this right, Eva?)

Many, many cult movies I've got on DVD:

And God Created WOMAN, with one of my favorites, Brigitte Bardot

The Blob, with Steve McQueen! Love this movie.. the colors are amazing!

Also one of my favorite actors, Peter Cushing, he's so sexy.. and scary/stylish.. I love all his movies. The story is very very sad, but so beautiful.

All time favorite in the Space movies catogory, Forbidden Planet. With the music from the Barons, a man and woman (partners) that were friends of Anaïs Nin. I've read about their music in her diaries, it's about electronic circuits, the first techno EVER!!

Grand Hotel, Art Deco all over the place! This movie is art history! My god, this movie is so funny and stylish, you must see it. Greta Garbo, in one of her most exquisite performances.

Maigret from Simenon's books. French movie, with all the class and style of a 50's experience in Paris.

Taxi Driver! No comments, this movie is a masterpiece.

And Honeymoon in Vegas, because I just think this is such a funny movie. And Sarah Jessica Parker together with Nicholas Cage, well.. a perfect Sunday evening movie with all the popcorn you can devour.

Ok, cupcakes! I just don't know what to do first, should I sew, should I take some more pictures, should I watch my favorite movies... well, I think I'll settle for some more applejuice kissing!


and my collection of wooden pearls that are so wonderful to look at when the sun hits the glass and reflects the colors on my window..

Friday, May 11

I'm in love - No,No,No.. there's NO LIMIT! right back, after some applejuice kissin'..


Friday, May 4

Buttons & Pearls.. and Everything!

Look what I've got!
This is such a treat.. I've bought these for only 2.50€.. they're leftovers from collections that won't be ordered anymore.. I'm so happy with them. My collection is getting more interesting each week.
I'm in love with my buttons and pearls.. what more would you want?

and my favorite little button of all time, this iron rose (it's almost to little to exist):

And while I was scanning my hand with the iron rose, I forgot to tell you about a little strange thing that happened yesterday.. I was sitting with my adopted sister in a café in Ostend, while a man came up to me and asked if he could film my hands.. (I was cross-stitching a tiny little house on some fabric), because he was making a movie about hands! I told him, 'of course you can, I'm happy to help in any way I can :) ) So the next thing I knew, he was filming me (my hands) while I was working on the little cross-stitching thingy.. It only took like three minutes, but nonetheless, my hands are soon to be seen in a movie! So funny!

And here are two illustrations I've made earlier:
the first one is a glass stained window (which isn't quite finished yet!) and the second one is just a little girl with an attitude (and good she has it!):

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Thursday, May 3

A Wild Night

Yesterday when my friends came over, we went out to a strange but great bar here in Ostend. Julz my adopted sister was there, and Fluppe, a very cool artist and his girlfriend Micheline were there too. We danced and talked and danced again. :)
The dj who is also a friend spinned al our favorite songs. It was great!
We did some smoking too, which was cool, and has been a very long time since I've done that again.. We laughed all evening and our conversations were about art and life and the art of living. A very passionate night it was.

And great news! I'm going to buy my camera this Saturday! Yippie! Than I can take pictures all weekend and even more pictures next week.. I'm so excited. It's a Sony, white and is quite small so I can easily put it in my pocket. I'm gonna take it everywhere I go.. Yes, Sir!

I've came across this soooooo funny video from Alanis Morisette. Just watch it, and compare it with the original, it's so amazingly funny!

and here's the original.. :)

Puts it in a whole different light doesn't it?

Thnx again for the sweet comments about the color blue..

Wednesday, May 2

My dear friends, Eva, Dani and Wouter

My dear friends,
I love you so much. What would I do without you lot?
Today I'm myself again, happy and fruitfull, and I've got more energy than ever before!
Thanks for the sweet comments.. You made my day!
I can't thank you enough. It makes me feel sure and safe.
And that's the way it should be!
So here's a special video for you..
I feel so proud to know you, and yet so humble..
Which is, more than I could ask for.
Thank you!
I love you so much..
(and by the way, my friends are visiting me here in Ostend, and we're having so much fun.. we talk about emotions and about sadness, hapiness, and our future!

Watch this: